Purpose, Vision, Mission and Objectives

What is African Writers Trust?
Established in 2009, African Writers Trust is a non-profit body, which coordinates and brings together African writers in the Diaspora and their counterparts on the continent to promote mutual sharing of skills and other resources, and to foster knowledge and learning between the two groups. AWT is governed by an Advisory Board and administered by the Director. It is operational in London, United Kingdom and in Kampala, Uganda. AWT’s work is sponsored through donor funding, philanthropists, friends and supporters of African writing.

Why was AWT set up?
AWT rose out of a need to build a body that would connect, support and promote interaction between African writers in the Diaspora and writers on the continent. Increasingly, many African writers live and work in the Diaspora. However, there are limited opportunities for writers in the Diaspora to interact with their counterparts who live and work on the continent. AWT aims to facilitate and put in place structures that encourage synergism, writing development and publishing prospects.


An environment that nurtures writing, reading, publishing and promotion of African writers.

Mission Statement

To build and sustain a strong supportive network of African writers in Africa and the Diaspora.


  1. Facilitate cross-cultural exchange between writers on the continent and writers in the Diaspora
  1. Build strategic alliances with other networks that promote African writers and their works. We welcome individuals, institutions and networks interested in partnering with us to promote African writing
  1. Enhance and promote writing and editorial professional skills development among African publishing and writing professionals

Our Partners

British CouncilCommwealth Writers
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